Maria Lester Spiritual Reader

For a private reading, phone reading or a psychic party call: 1-248-980-6090

Maria Lester is an experienced and professional psychic, with well over 28 years of experience. Maria specializes in Spiritual Readings, Past-Present-Future, Photo Reading, Palmistry, Numerology, Clairvoyant, Astrology and much more. Whether you have questions about your love life, health, family, work,  money or life in general, Maria can help. Use our contact form to set up an appointment today and find out what your future holds. Maria is also a Reiki Master, Life Coach, Certified Hypnotist and Massage Treatments.

Psychic Readings Sterling Heights And All of Macomb County

Psychic Readings Sterling Heights Maria has dedicated clients all over Michigan. She provides psychic readings to Sterling Heights, Troy, Birmingham, Rochester, West Bloomfield, and Novi. Also, you can book Maria for parties or individual readings.  One of the areas she specializes in is Palmistry. Palmistry is the ability to tell the future through the study of your palm. Maria can read your palm to show you what life has in store for you.

During your reading, Maria can help you see the big picture of your life. No matter your background, Maria can hep you see things and give you information that is important to you and your family. In Macomb County, the best psychic readings are from Maria Lester. Along with psychic readings, Maria offers Numerology services.

Numerology is the study of numbers, and in which way they affect your life. Numbers like your birth date and the number of letters in your name are all signs on how things can shape your life. Finally, for the best psychic readings Sterling Heights and surrounding areas, book Maria today. She is available for parties and individual readings call today, 248-980-6090.